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  FAQ about Prima Systems, Inc.

What is nVZN?
nVZN (pronounced Envision) for Windows is specifically designed for the eye care practice. It's purpose is two fold. First, it is a business software that simplifies the day to day tasks of office management and creates efficiency through the use of technology. Each application follows the patient from the moment the patient calls to the moment the patient leaves the office after an appointment. Second, it is an effective marketing tool that captures essential information necessary to generates highly detailed marketing, financial, and employee performance reports.

What are some of the reports nVZN software generates?
• Daily Provider Schedule
• Appointment List per Employee
• Detail and Summary of Daily Activity
• Daily Deposit Slip
• End of Month Statements
• Monthly Financial and Production Reports
• Various Marketing Reports
• An assortment of Referral Reports
• Patient Demographic Report
• Daily Pull-list
• 3D Graphs of Referral Shares
• Employee Productivity Reports
• Clients by Employer
• Outcome Analysis Charts, Graphs, and more....

What are the marketing capabilities of nVZN?
nVZN has a built in-marketing module that captures referral information that is necessary to help you analyze your marketing efforts. It allows you to easily generate a list of Marketing Reports that is very specifically detailed, down to the dollar amount that is spent on each marketing source. This allows you to conduct in-depth marketing and budget analyses to help determine the real cost effectiveness of each effort.

How were all the software designed?
The front end was developed using C++ and Visual Basic. The back end was developed using SQL Server and Access.

Can you convert other software systems into yours?
For most systems, the conversion is quite simple. So simple, that unlike other software companies, we generally don't charge a conversion fee. In addition, there is no downtime needed to cause disruption to your day to day operations. Each conversion is taken on an individual, case by case basis, so it is important to contact us with your specific details.

What information will you be able to convert over?
We have the ability to convert over patient demographics and any balance forward.

Do you have an EMR program?
Currently we have an EMR program called OPTIX. OPTIX was designed exclusively for the optometric office. We also feature a full blown EMR system that will be more suitable in an ophthalmic practice as well.

How does your document scanning features work?
Our scanning module, IVUE was developed to make the scanning and saving of important documents quick and easy. All you need is a simple scanner before loading the documents into nVZN software. Images from webcams, digital cameras and TWAIN-compliant imaging hardware may also be used in conjunction with IVUE imaging software.

Do we have to upload CPT codes?
Our software comes with the CPT codes fully loaded. We provide updates accordingly.

Do you have an Eyeglass or optical store point of service?
No. Our software does, however, allows you to capture inventory and create and record financial transactions in order to help you manage your optical stock.

Are you HIPAA compliant?
We continually strive to keep up to date with HIPAA standards and privacy regulations in order to help our clients achieve compliance.

Does your software accommodate surgery centers on multi-specialty centers?
We accommodate both. Our software is being used in centers that have multiple locations throughout the United States. Since we don't charge by provider, our clients also consists of practices with multiple specialties.

What makes you different from your competitors?
All of our Windows-based software is competitively priced. Unlike others, we do not charge our clients monthly or per incident. Our software is very user friendly, fully-featured and well designed for easy comprehension. The module takes you from one screen to the next in a logical manner, tracing the path of a typical patient process. All terms and fields are specific to the practice.
Our marketing module is one of the most robust marketing and referral tracking systems available today specifically for the eye care industry.

What is the number of centers using your software?
We have hundreds of clients throughout the United States.

Do you offer a software demonstration? What is required?
Usually, an on-line demo is sufficient. You will only need a computer and Internet access. Demos are arranged at your convenience. Since the on-line demo is done in real time, all those who are involved in the decision making process are able to join in and ask questions during this hour long session. A consultant can be provided on site if necessary.

Do you offer training?
We offer internal training for a minimal fee along with the purchase of our software. After the initial training period, there is a training demo that goes along with the software. It is also available on line via our website for our clients accessible through a privacy protected user name and password interface.

Do you offer tech support?
The software is so easy to manage and requires little to no tech support. (Based on our years of service) If support becomes necessary, our seasoned technical support team will provide prompt, reliable assistance from 8-5pm CST. After hours, questions can be communicated in the tech support requests online. All questions are answered in a timely manner. Your first year, unlimited support is free!

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, we are so confident that you will see the advantages and benefits of our products and services that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee!