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  Prima Systems offers a suite of fully-featured Windows based practice and business management software specially designed to accommodate today's growing eye care practice. Our products feature the latest in technology for re-inventing the right way to run a successful office.

Our flagship product, nVZN is a state-of-the-art, fast, detailed and easy to use practice management software as well as an advanced marketing resource. Designed and tested by industry leading physicians and backed by a professional dedicated industry software development company, nVZN and it’s related products, OASys, OPTIX and IVUE give you the strategic advantage as you compete in today's highly competitive market.

, the Outcomes Analysis for Refractive Ophthalmologists, was created for refractive physicians wanting to provide the highest level of service to their LASIK patients. By providing accurate data capture for past surgical outcomes, OASys serves as a tool for physicians to connect with concerned patients before surgery.

is Prima Systems' answer to a paperless optometric patient exam. With a point and click system over 95% of the input fields, OPTIX alleviates the worry of illegible handwriting. Eye care professionals can perform patient evaluations, take notes and even draw during patient examinations without having to pull up past charts or create paper charts and forms.

takes over the traditional daunting task of medical recordkeeping. While it creates efficiency in the office, it also allows the user to maintain the same high standard of documentation for all patient files. Using IVUE, users can instantly pull up old exam charts or other medical records that have been previously scanned using a simple retrieval process.

All the specific features on each applications focus on creating the most effective and efficient office through basic steps and through data collection.